Lewisville Soup (micro-finance) applications now open

Lewisville Soup was inspired by Detroit Soup/Build Institute and it’s a “thing” I’ve put together (with lots of help) to better the city I live in, work for and honestly love despite it’s roughness. In short, it’s a micro-finance pitch dinner. Everyone brings $10 cash to contribute and a pot luck dish to share. Four people/groups get up and have four minutes to “elevator pitch” an idea to a crowd. At the end of the dinner participants vote for one idea they would like to support and that person takes home the pile of funds to support the idea.
both @Lampy @Josh_Melnick have pitched and several DMS members have attended the soups. In April we will be celebrating a year!

Applications are now open for the April 3rd soup - to apply click here
Applications are due March 20th
Click here to get in the Facebook event for the April 3rd soup

Things we’ve collectively put our funds toward:
Veterans Aquaponics Group donating food for and Educating Veterans
Lewisville Painted Rocks
B-Bands - an anti-anxiety jewelry company
Old Town Brass - a group of people who want to play music but haven’t since high school they fully know they might be rusty and they are ok with it.

I would love to bring this to makerspace for a maker soup. What do you think? Would this be something people would like to attend?