Lewisville People - Camp Invention - I have $ to give out to campers


As I’m sure I’ve talked about before - I’m a co-director for a camp called Camp Invention - in short - it’s a fantastic camp, I’m saying that not because they pay me $5.25 an hour to say so.

Camps are everywhere, but if you’re in Lewisville or know kids in Lewisville that you think would do well in the camp please let me know. I do have 2 partial scholarships to gift out to needy kiddos to help them to this camp but my funds are just for the Lewisville camp. If you know any church kids, neighbor kids, gifted kids who need a week of crazy science fun let me know and I can help get them into camp but the money is first come first serve.
Camp is $230 for the week - which honestly breaks down to $6 an hour babysitting if you want to look at it with that angle.

If you want more info email me franczvain at lisd dot net