Lewisville + 4 Ideas + Microfunding = Lewisville Soup {June 21}

I will be having our second soup coming up June 21 6pm at the hedrick house in Lewisville, and I would like to invite everyone to join. Soup is a micro-funding dinner - everyone pays $10 at the door, food is pot luck to keep costs as minimal as possible, during dinner you will hear 4 pitches of concepts and ideas by different individuals or teams, close to the end of the night you will vote on your favorite idea and by 8pm the winner is handed the funds from the doors. The last dinner netted a donation of $540 to Veterans Produce - an aquaponics organization that’s feeding & educating homeless vets. It’s really an awesome thing.

You (or someone you know) can now submit an application to pitch at the next soup by following this link:

Only 4 ideas will be chosen from the applicant pool - right now I have not a single applicant :frowning:

Want to get involved, know what’s going down, just be cooler? Join the facebook Lewisville Soup group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1967394373570281/

Want to attend but you’re amazingly forgetful and need facebook to manage your events? Here’s the event link for the June 21st soup (6p): https://www.facebook.com/events/2281123228767919/ (this has a link to the food sign up and things of that nature)

I know @Josh_Melnick @Adam_Oas @kpblitzen42 @Aneres @squaredroots @Clayton @sciborg and Allen attended the last one and they can speak to the event as well.

@Lampy actually pitched at the event (and should again).
I also had some financial support because of makerspace…but both of them donated anonymously so I will keep it that way.

Application is due May 31th

Possibly someone wants to start up a woodshop with some educational hours in lewisville (just spitballing)
Possibly someone wants to make free libraries and put them around lewisville
Possibly someone has a business idea
Possibly you just have an event you want some money for.

I don’t know just apply if you have some ideas. Have no ideas? Talk to me I’m full of it…I mean ideas…ya ideas.


I do have someone who’s willing to donate 20 newsstands if someone is willing to create little free libraries (and or pantries) and put them around Lewisville. Funding would be enough to get concrete and some books from the thrift store or library to start out.



Just wanted to push this up to possibly get some traction and support from DMS. Lewisville Soup is coming up and I hope to see as many people coming as possible.

Ideas being presented at this soup:
Point Short News – new type of news source website
Go Venture – adventure + photography outings
Painted Rocks – community events to create positive messages
Community Garden Improvement Project – Salvation Army garden redo

Four minutes per pitch. Bring $10 per person and a dish to share.
Link to the event is above. Hope to see everyone!