Let's Talk about Happiness

During this super fun time many people are struggling. I know I’m not citing some new amazing fact here, but I wanted to start a thread where we can discuss our own struggles as well as share how we are dealing with them.


How are YOU doing?
What things are keeping you sane that you might suggest to others?

**Just for some general housekeeping- no politics. Also, everyone processes things differently so if you see a struggle or suggestion you don’t like or think is silly just keep on scrolling.


Looking forward to the rains …


ooohhh I have been liking the storms. Stay safe though!

I LOVED storms as a kid, now that I have to deal with the (potential) damage, I only sorta love storms…


My favorite past time so far has been designing 3D prints to help organize my little workbench/toolbox area. It made me finally fix up my printers and get the computer working again.

Also, I discovered that English muffins are really easy to make and damn the fresh ones are addictive.


There’s good and there’s bad.

I don’t normally work, and Malcolm’s new job has him working from a client site and/or home anyway so this whole quarantine situation isn’t nearly as abnormal as it is for other people. I’m mostly an introvert with anyway. I’ve got my garden, and I’ve started working through several illustration tutorials on Skillshare (thanks DMS!), so I’m not really bored.

On the other hand, days before the shelter in place I was forced off the medications that make my autoimmune disorder somewhat bearable. As a result I’m back to my pre-diagnosis levels of fatigue, brain-fog, and pain. Plus there’s been some “fun” new issues that have popped up. My doctor does not seem at all concerned, and I’m unsure when I’ll see her next. So that part has been difficult.

I am really frustrated at many of decisions being made by our political “leaders”, and the 24/7 all Covid all the time news system has been wearing at me.

In all, I’ve drawn one of the better lots in this whole situation, so I try not to complain.


I so miss going to the space…I sometimes look at the cameras and pretend I am there :rofl:.
I try and create here at home for now…haven taken so many classes at the space, it has given me ideas of what i can do here at home…and projects that I can prep for when the space is open again.


I did not know they were easy to make…and I just got a fancy kitchenaid…

Any particular recipe you care to share?

I did not know they were easy to make…
and I just got a fancy kitchenaid…

Any particular recipe you care to share?

Is there an echo in here?



Complain/Vent away! Sometimes we need to gripe and get it out of our system.

What are you growing in your garden?

I’m sorry about your health concerns. I’m a big fan of being a loud and obnoxious advocate for my health when I feel like I’m not being heard. I hope that all gets sorted out</3

@coffeebean I miss the space too!!

Anything in particular you are creating?

@mblatz yeah, that was an accident. oops!


Similarly, this has been an opportunity to remind myself of the simple pleasure of a well made PB&J:

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Yesterday I learned that PB&Js are an American thing and apparently other countries find it weird.

They have NO idea what they are missing out on.


Re: health, it’ll get there. I’m a lot more frustrated by having to start back at step 1 than I am about not being heard. I feel like if my doctor was able to talk with me face to face it would be a different story, but she wasn’t my original doctor when I was first diagnosed, so she isn’t aware of my baseline, unmedicated issues.

I’ve talked a lot about my garden over in another thread, but this year I have three types of tomatoes, three types of peppers, bush beans, okra, parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, red onion, yellow onion, green onion, and hopefully cucumbers if they can ever get themselves in gear.

I’m really excited because I just got some cora vinca to fill in some of the gaps in the veggie bed and attract pollinators as well as some crossvine and a sweet bay bush that I’m going to use to landscape. Yesterday I saw a hummingbird fly up to my red star salvia, which was kind of a thrill since that’s the first time I’ve seen one since we moved in! I’m hoping to get some more red salvia for a different part of the yard (super drought tolerant and smells amazing) and some blackberry starts, but calloways was out of both today.


They can keep their vegamite, nutella, bean paste, and mashed/fried insects. I’ll stick with good ole U.S. of A. PB&J any day.

Also, I am a rhyming fool!

OK…I’ll take the Nutella any day. I admit it.


@mblatz I love nutella but it breaks me out as if I was 13 again. ;_; Australia does have fairy bread which is just white bread with butter and sprinkles… not gonna lie sprinkles are festive and fun and I want to try it solely for the color crunch. haha
Rhyme more!

@BarkingChicken Well I still hope it all gets worked out.<3

gah I’m jealous of your garden! I can’t wait to be home in Texas so I can get in the yard! I believe I have convinced Adam to help me build a small raised bed for a mini garden.
I also have so many plans for new flowers and plants in the current beds!

I hope your cucumbers get in line. I’m currently on week 3 of fighting a lazy sourdough starter that refuses to act right. I might put it up for adoption if it doesn’t lose the attitude soon.

Reading about the hummingbird -made- my night. I have not seen one in so long! You are lucky!

It was there and then gone before I could even utter a word for Malcolm to come see! Hoping to see more soon!

I started a sourdough starter last week, and then Friday I spent time cleaning out my fridge only to find an unopened jar of yeast. I’m less motivated to put up with the sourdough starter’s drama now. If it doesn’t clean up its act I might also have some for adoption.

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I hadn’t had a PB&J in years until I started making my own jam and now PB&J on a cracker is my go to snack when I’m craving something sweet.