Leniency for Ceramics shelving storage times due to storm (2.19.21)

I hope everyone is safe and warm! Some of us aren’t out of the woods yet either.

As noted on our Wiki:

However, due to the recent weather conditions, power outages, and water shortages, we realize that many members are displaced, taking care of family, trying to fix their homes etc. We’re adding 14 more days to the shelf storage times.

I plan to go through all the shelving this weekend to mark items. If you are unable to make it out to your pieces after the 14 day grace period, please message me and I will update your tape to give you 30 more days.


There was a bunch I planned to pick up, but couldn’t get there before the storm. If the roads are good on Sunday, I’ll definitely be coming by. I have not left my house in an entire week now. I’m starting to feel like I’m in The Shining! :ghost: :dancing_women: :ghost:

Depending on how the roads are around your house, the roads around DMS are pretty good. Well, I suppose I should qualify that some – we’ve mostly had packed snow, which drives pretty easy. As we go into freeze and thaw cycles, that may become Not So Good. I’ll be back there around 9-ish and let you know.


Wasn’t too bad coming in, but the ground got warmed some, so there hadn’t been a re-freezing yet. Might be bad-ish coming in early in the AM, but should be fine around, oh, 10-ish and later.