LED Sign Taken From ELab


You took this fro the ELab without permission on Sun (3/10/19) 7:24p

I have you on video.
You have till this coming Thurs (3/14/19) 7:00p to return it and contact me.
If I do not hear from you, I will file a formal complaint w/ BoD.


Get ‘em!
I’m sure it will be another case of “I forgot it wasn’t mine and my buddy left it in the back of my car where I didn’t see it ‘cause I don’t drive from the back and accidentally drove off premises with it”



I think you need to work on your touchy feely-ness. You’re starting to sound a little soft.


Only a little?


If this member wants one of these panels, he or she can reach out to me. I spoke with the member who donated this pile of parts and he has two more truck loads that he is willing to donate. He just doesn’t want to unload a giant pile of parts if we have no room for them. Maybe if you talk to him nicely and explain your project then he can find a panel you may need. I got his contact info and we will be planning to meet again so that he can teach me how to operate these panels without me having to troubleshoot everything from scratch


That panel needs to be returned. Period.
We’ll discuss how they’ll be used later.
This is starting to look like a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.
I’m been talking w/ the donor and working out where the remaining parts will be stored.
if it’s not on the donation shelf, it’s not up for grabs.


Right on. That needs to be in BIG letters all over the Space. Perhaps even translated into some sort of millennial snowflake speak


I think Art needs a programmable turret for electronics. When he sees someone messing, he can just push a button on his phone and shoot them in the ass. Have it track people at random times around the room so you can’t tell if he is looking or not.


Here you go:

“Do not reassign ownership of anything that is not on the donation shelf (A.K.A Don’t take stuff that’s not yours.).”


Well they did have that cool tele-presence robot for a bit. Put a stern picture of Walter on it and have it go up to everyone that walks in and have it say “I’m watching you”.


:rofl: :blankspace:


Scrolling led msg panel in every committee area? :thinking:
Still be ignored?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Cameras w/ facial recognition?:open_mouth:
Your name scrolls across the msg brd welcoming you.:astonished:
And recognizes when you take something you shouldn’t. :flushed:
Or you don’t have your safety glasses on,etc.,etc… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m building a motion tracking turret that will shoot bubbles. I will donate it to the e-lab immediately upon its completion if @artg_dms accepts the equipment.



“Did not wash hands!” - over the bathroom doors


Probably pretty easy to do. You’d need three inputs:

  • sensor detects water running (change in temp on water line, vibration?) and starts a countdown timer.
  • Motion sensor detects someone on bathroom side of door.
  • A door opening sensor

If Motion sensor then door open, and timer has expired, then flash the sign.

Washing hands would reset timer. Walking IN rather than OUT would not trigger motion sensor before the door, but rather would trigger after.

Would be a false alarm if someone only went in to, for example, fix their hair. One could add a flush sensor as well, but that seems more invasive somehow.


Wait, what? Is that gone? If some one stole that I’ve got the original account for double and the iPad on it. I can probably find it.


no no, I didn’t mean to imply that. I just haven’t been into Electronics in a while so don’t know where Mr. Robot is.


Robot doesn’t reside in the ELab.


I saw it last on the floor by Lost & Found last summer.


I have it. I didn’t just take it, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t slander my reputation. I showed up that day, saw a bunch of cool led signs. Asked who’s they were, people in the lab and in the makerspace mentioned that they were new and to talk to you or Sam?( I can’t remember her name anymore but she had red hair and supposedly had some authority to clear me for taking said item). I asked, told her what and where they were, she okayed it and THEN I took it. I’ve been programming it ever since, it’s pretty cool, I’ve successfully reversed the board on it, are there more complete modules like this?