Led lifespan when constant on

If I have a constant on LED bulb (little colored ones like to indicate power is on) How long can I reasonably expect it to last before I have to replace it?

The average lifespan of an led is about 50,000 hours or about 5.7 years.

Ok cool. So I can hide the LEDs way down in there. Thanks!

Low-power indicator LEDs used to be rated at 100k hours. I’ve seen decades-old equipment with original indicator LEDs still in service probably at >200k operating hours. Extremely low operating currents vs rated currents play a role.

Some LED lifespan ratings refer to a down point rather than end of life. The assumption is by the time they lose that much brightness, you’d want to replace them. In the ProAV world, LED life references when the lamp drops to 80% of original capacity.

I kno I have equipment that is 20-25 years old that still has a functional LED. Now theses are low power on boards for status lights.

However I’m not impressed with Cree or Feit LED Standard bulbs. In my opinion the are POS. I want my regular incandescents back.

It’s going in fabric so a wee little watch battery circuit

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Cree wasn’t either - I believe they have left the LED lighting business and have sold those business units. I’ve only had two LED bulbs fail outright - an extremely pricey 3M and a Cree, although one of my original Cree bulbs had the glass envelopes fall off and glance off my shoulder.

Guess which one is missing its envelope. Very deliberately underexposed.

To the best of my knowledge Feit is like EcoSmart and Lighting Science group - they buy whitebox products made to their specification and brand them for domestic distribution.

L:ike CFLs, LED bulbs eventually got too cheap and the manufacturers cut corners since the consumer only seems to pay attention to upfront price rather than total cost of ownership. Ah well. At $2 each or less I don’t worry so much about how long they last as I did at $20 and $10 price points.