Lecture Hall Projector For Mac

Hey Everyone,

Seems like I’m being censored from the Issues category somehow. Someone showed me that there was a topic on there about working the Lecture Hall projector posted 2 days ago but I can’t access it.

Does anyone know how to connect a MacBook to the projector? I found the HDMI convertor that was in the computer room and am hoping to use that. Otherwise I can try teaching my class another way.


You do not have the Green dot, thats why you can not see the issues & requests. There are multiple people who were having the same issue with the projector.


Ah ok. So there is no solution and it’s not currently usable then?

I’ll wait to use the lecture hall when it’s ready for a MacBook I guess. Thanks!

Mac vs Not Mac isn’t really a factor.
It’s more to do with how to get the HDMI signal to the right places…

I don’t see your class on the calendar?

Anything which is not in Members Only should not be members only.

I’m struggling with incessant technical issues, because of this I have not been able to properly plan my class.

Good news, the lecture hall projection network repair is underway and in discussion by members. It should eventually be usable by Mac owners.

If you teach a class at DMS it needs to be posted to the calendar in order to reserve the room.

Good to know, thanks Julie!