Leather-working SIG Workshop 7/8


On Sunday July 8 from 11am to 130pm we’re having a Leather-working SIG workshop. Bring your project, or questions, or friend and we’ll be here to help you out with advice, getting started, or completing that project that’s been sitting on your counter for 3 months. :wink:

We’ll have all the DMS tools available plus a little expertise to get your project going. Hope to see you there!


It’s like the Office Hours of Leather!


Hey just wanted to bump this one up to see if anyone is still around that knows leather working (specifically stamping and sewing thicker leathers). I have a few projects I want to finish but don’t know much aside from what I have read. I am also looking for what tools may be around or even to where they may be located in the DMS. Is there a contact person? Anyone know anything?

We have a Thor industrial machine for sewing thick leather if that is what you are looking for - it lives in the Sewing Room in Creative Arts; it does require training before you’re allowed to use it.

We have a wide range of stamping and carving tools for handwork, and chisels, if you want to hand stitch anything. We keep a basic supply of threads, hardware, dyes, and finishes - if you use the consumables, please throw a few bucks in the kiosk to cover them; hardware is specifically priced and there’s a chart inside the cabinet.

Right now the tools are “training required” but I’m working on an online Moodle so that people don’t need a class or one-on-one checkoff. Unfortunately, I’m going out of town tomorrow or I would check you out myself. @dryad2b, can you think of someone that might be available to check them out?

Until then, here’s more specific information Leather - Dallas Makerspace and here’s what we’ve been giving to people for checkouts:
Leatherworking SIG rundown.pdf (853.4 KB)

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I think we’ll have to do checkouts and such next week. I am also out of pocket this weekend.

Any day work better for you? After the holiday I’m free pretty much any day after 3 except New Years weekend.

Want to go for next Tuesday 12/28? You want to be here at 3?

Is it OK if I tag along? I’ve taken basics and have done a couple simple projects with @Lordrook

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I think we’re doing the Thor… if that’s what you need, sure! Come on down!

That’ll work I’ll take a trip to Tandy leather and buy some stuff

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Is Thor Working? Someone looked at it and mentioned he thought there was a part missing just last week. I didn’t look but, Fortunately, My leather projects didn’t need it. Might be worth checking it.

We’ll have to look at it. Nobody’s reported it. Somebody’s been playing around with the table/etc. options. I’ve been ass-u-mi-ng that’s all it is.

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I took a look at it today. It looks properly threaded and I would think it should work. The optional table is off, maybe that was what he meant. Sorry if I raised unnecessary concern.

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Hey sounds good I will be there tomorrow leather in hand.

Yes I can be there sorry I didn’t respond does this time still work for you?

Yes. I’ve got it written down.

Hi I’m 15 min out wife tan truck out of gas abs had to stop. My cell is 972-632-7998.

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