Leather Upholstery Button Press

I’m attempting to make an ottoman with a tufted button top, but having some difficulty with the buttons themselves. I am using upholstery leather, and a Dritz Cover Button Kit. I thought I had figured out how to make it work by thinning the leather and snipping bits of excess material out. They look decent, but the strength isn’t there, as I was getting the buttons fixed down, one cover popped off from the pressure of the foam.

I stopped there, I don’t want to get the cover fixed down only to have a button cover pop off again. Do we have a button press that would work for this purpose? The current size I have is a 1-1/8" button, and I’m flexible on that.


I figured I’d post an update in case anyone looks to do similar covered buttons in the future, especially since this is upholstery leather from the sale. I ended up getting a 1.5"(#60) button die from Amazon for $11. Honestly, the price was super cheap, so I was rather skeptical, but it works amazingly.

The key is to skive the edges of the underside of the leather and make slits around the edge where it gets pressed under the back piece. So, instead of the edges being wrinkled and pressed under the back, they lay on top of each other.


When you finish the whole project, post pix in show and tell!

I actually haven’t attached the top or cushion to the base. I’m happy with how the cushion turned out(minus the untucked portion in this photo!), but it looks like a couch cushion sitting on a small table, so I need to rethink my proportions.