Leather tools for sale

a friend of mine is helping a widow sell her late husband’s leather working tools. He has several hundred punches and stamps as well as a stitching machine. Is CA interested in any?

If CA isn’t interested I might be interested in the stitching machine depending upon price, model, quality etc. If there are pictures I might be interested in some of the other stuff.

I would be interested also.

Paging @jnorine

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Depending on what’s in there - we might be interested for the SIG. If you’d like to PM me with what’s there and what you’re looking for in price, I can see if there’s anything we can work out.

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I’ll ask and let you know

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Can these punches and stamps be used on annealed copper or silver sheets for metalsmithing?

If so, please let me know (put me in the que) to see them and purchase.

Thank you.

I suspect they wouldn’t last long as they aren’t made of hardened tool steel like most metal working tools are.

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