Leather tool bag advice


I bought chisels. I do appreciate the offer. I also just bought cheap magic bag to just give it a try. Worst case is it doesn’t work.


I’d try putting a flat piece of plywood in the bag to encourage the backs of the pouches to stay flat. MDF is porous to vacuum pumps, so perhaps a piece of MDF instead.


Second attempt, we shall see. I ripped the first bag & was also frustrated with my Dyson as that hose has a “teet”. Used my bucket head vacuum.


I haven’t given up on it. I fubared the 10-12 Saddle Skirt in trying to fold over on the top. I gouged/skived the center only to have the damn thing split on me. Then I tried on the other side to wet fold it over, no good success there. So I’ve elected to move on to 7-8 ounce.

Now to my current quandary.

I’m wet molding my tools to the leather. In thinking several steps ahead I’ve come to the thought of if I’m sewing both sides, as there will be tool holding on both sides of one divider, I may run into an issue getting them sewn. So onto my thought of potentially making them kinda “modular” if you will. On each divider will be the tools, they would both have the tool holders if you will but tied to a backing. If I do it this way, it will allow me to place one on each side then securing them jointly with multiple Chicago screws. It will also make quicker work as I will be able to use Almighty Thor to attach them to the backing leather.

Or perhaps as usual I’m just over thinking it.


That can work. You’ll have one more layer of leather than you need but then you can switch out the holders since its modular.


All depends on the construction and how you plan on attaching the divider to the rest of the bag. You can also use less thick leather and add a stiffener like delrin to back it and stiffen the leather.