Leather Splitter

Is their training required to use the tools in the leather cabinets? I would like to use the splitter and possibly a few other things along the way.

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Short answer, yes.

There’s a 101 class that covers all the tools and signs people off on them. In addition, people like @talkers and @Webdevel have been known to do spot training if asked super nicely. If I wasn’t in the middle of an epic stretch of rehearsals I would do it, but I don’t have time off in the next 10 days.

I’ll also see if someone is available to put up a 101 class.

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Thanks, I may see if someone is around Tuesday or Wednesday when I am there. I may get lucky. No worries. I’ll look for a class too.

I’ll do that for you @mdittenber.


I’ll ping you if I make up there this week if you don’t connect with @talkers.

Hey @jnorine is there a clamp in the cabinet for the splitter? We had talked about adding a mount, but I don’t think that ever happened. A regular table clamp work fine too.

Also @mdittenber that splitter is small, and really only sufficient for straps under about 4".

I (and others) have just been using clamps from the workshop. I can acquire some dedicated metal c-clamps for it, but we’ll need to ensure they don’t walk away.

We could clamp the new clamp to the table as well. But we’ll probably need a clamp for it to make sure the clamp clamp doesn’t walk away.


Tack weld clamps to splitter.

Or, we could use the leather splitter to make some tie downs for the clamp clamps. But then we’d need some clamps for the tie downs for the clamp clamp clamps.


(Is the clamp still spinning? I don’t know, the camera cut out.)