Leather SIG Poundo Board missing

@jnorine noticed today that we are missing a Poundo board from the leatherworking cabinet. For those not in the know, our poundo board is a 12"x12" and looks a bit like this:


I’m hoping that someone simply misplaced it or put it away incorrectly. If anyone knows where it is please speak up.

The last time we know it was in the cabinet was March 22, so I’ll be going through the cameras to see if I can locate it.

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There was one in the other leather cabinet under some of the hardware. Is that the missing one?

@jnorine can you check?

I’m heading up and will check

I found that one - we were 2 short before I found that one.

How many total are we supposed to have?

When I looked this morning with Steve, there were 3 in their normal spot and I found the 4th in the next cabinet over, under the hardware boxes.

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This would be 1000x easier if I had AD data to know when people accessed the cabinets and a better camera view. As it is the cabinet is just on the edge of viewability and its hard to see if people take anything out of it.

You mean RFID data, I think.

Well, yes. We’d be setting up the RFID locks to only allow people in the AD group.

Right, the AD data is static/binary, people either have access rights or they don’t. The RFID is what is time-stamped…that’s what I thought you indicated you were interested in.

It’s a niggle, though…until RFID access is in place and an app to access/query it exists, its just a beautiful dream.