Leather sewing machine / walking foot



Who teaches a class on how to operate the leather sewing machine with walking foot ?

When would a class become available?



I’m also interested.


Paging @matthshooter


I wouldn’t mind a class on that machine also, as I am unaware of its operational capacities.


FWIW: One thing I remember about the walking foot is the dog are more aggressive and will leave marks more often. Suggest testing on small piece before hand.


Work has kept me and will keep me out of town until the second week in november, aside from random days off, so look for the classes then. I’ll put some on the calendar.


You are correct, the walking foot on the rex is also serrated (if I remember correctly) so they will also leave marks on the top of the leather. I’m double checking with an industrial sewing machine shop to see if the Rex is compatible with sailrite parts, in which case we can buy a new walking foot and feed dogs and grind the serrations on them to make them smooth, limiting the marks that are made on leather.