Leather Sale (Final) Round 3 - Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 6-8pm

I’m planning a 3rd (and final) round of leather selling for the evening of Tuesday, 23 June 2020. This Sale will run from 6pm - 8pm.


I’m doing this first come-first served on time slots: 2-3 people every 15 minutes to avoid crowding and allow the observance of social distancing.


PM me back with your cell number and your time preference (if any). If you have no preference or your requested time is full, I’ll assign the earliest available slot.

If you plan on bringing someone with you, please let me know so I can manage the social distancing headcount.


Limit of three rolls per person. A roll is now $20, as I don’t think there are any “large” rolls left at this point.

Everything Must Go - Final Day of Sale

Note that this is a lower price per roll than earlier sales as the selection is more limited and I’m looking to close this out and evacuate the storage room. It is possible that ALL leather will be sold before the last time slots are reached. I will let folks know by text as the sale proceeds.

Members who purchased in rounds 1 and 2 are welcome to come back for more as well.

We still have perhaps 20-25 rolls of leather with from one or perhaps two (or more) hides on each roll. The colors are light browns (cream/tan/buff) and cooler light greys (off white/putty/taupe).

Some have a smooth, matt finish, some are a more bumpy/pebbly matt finish. No shiny, patent-leather smooth, though.

There were few dark colors to start with, and there is likely NOT any chocolate/blue/black/other dark colors left (though I can’t rule out one hiding at the bottom of the pile that never got looked at).

Other Than Leather

Dan has also picked up some large rolls of “ultraleather” synthetic leather in some pinkish and rose tinted hues. We also have a few rolls of upholstery fabric available. Donations (but no fixed price) will be accepted for these.


Please wear a mask. Please bring cash and exact change. The cost is $20 each - no change given, so any excess will be considered a donation.

Call or text me if any complications arise.

The storage building is just a few minutes from DMS (it is where we used to store Offsite Storage for DMS):

The address is:

CubeSmart Storage

2444 Luna Rd (NW corner just north of the intersection),

Carrollton, TX 75006

You can turn in at the gas station on the corner or at the Jack In The Box entrance.

Please show up on time/slightly early, but showing up way early will probably mean I’ll just ask you to wait til your time slot so we can avoid overcrowding.

If you are in the 2nd hour time slots (7pm and later) you may want to text or call me for an update on remaining quantities. The site is close to DMS but perhaps you’ll have a longer drive.

I’ll text you the gate code on Tuesday evening once I am on site. The keypad for entry is on the left as you approach the building from the south. When leaving, there is a second keypad inside the secure area at the exit gate which you can access by driving on around the building clockwise. It’s not visible until you make the final turn, but it’s there.


I went by Gulstream at lunch and picked up some more leather samples and Corian. I have some larger pieces this time. They are about 9z9x3/8 inches. I also have some more of the other size samples. There are at least three boxes of these. All told I think there are 9 boxes in the lot.

Just like last time I’m not charging anything for these but feel free to make a donation to DMS if so inclined. We are raising money for the Creative Arts/Leather Sig.

I anyone is interested in teaching a ring or pen class with the Corian I’ll save you a box to do so.

I’ll be out with Mike at 6-8PM tonight at the storage facility above. I’m not making appointments but we will observe social distancing and a mask is required, too. I’ll setup just down from Mike so we can stay spaced out. Everything will be in the back of my pickup.

We just want everyone to be safe, but to get some of this generous donation.

The samples as SOMEWHAT like these. They are all unique and only similar to these.


Mike tells me that there are only a few people signed up to come pick up some leather. Therefore, if you are interested in any of the Corian or the leather samples please post here so I can be there. Earlier is better because if we don’t have any takers we might close up shop sooner than 8:00PM or at least I might.

I think Mike said he’s stopping by Makerspace tonight, too but I’d contact him to confirm.

Mike and I had another good day this evening selling leather sides. We also have some people pick up some great Corian and leather samples. Everyone made a donation to DMS. Thank you everyone for your generosity. After four trips to Gulfstream’s warehouse and three days selling from a storage unit Mike and I raised just over $3000 for DMS. Mike did a great deal of the work and coordination and deserves much of the credit for the fundraising. Thanks much Mike. He also had a few expenses so the final total of the donation will be a little less than the $3000, but still thanks everyone for your generosity we can make a sizable donation to the leather sig.

Hopefully, the leather sig can put it to good use buying some great leather working tools we can all enjoy using. There are still some leather sides remaining, but for the most part all of them were sold. We also cleaned out Mike’s storage unit tonight.

So once the donation shelf is open again I’ll be bringing some samples and some boxes of ultraleather free for the taking. Hopefully, they can be put to good use in the future.

Thanks again for everyone who donated to DMS. DMS people really are some of the most generous people around.