Leather Purchase Recommendations

Does anyone have any leather suppliers they recommend? I only need a small amount, would love to get some recommendations!

How much is a little, in terms of square inches or feet? What type? By When?

Yeah – how much and what weight and/or use? Chrome-tan? Veg-tan? You could shop the scrap/sample bins in CA. Small amount – small charge.

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As a side note, I have some Gulfstream Air samples about 1ftx1ft I plan to drop off on Saturday when I attend a class. This is NOT the vegtan leather you would tool, but more upholstery leathe like.

It will be a banker box of different color leathers. I will be putting it on the “freebie” shelf or whatever we call it now.

In answer to your question, Tandy Leather, is my go to place for leather although you can get small leather sizes at Hobby Lobby, too and perhaps Michaels.


The project will be for a 8”x17” sheet, I may need a few of them. Ideally a lighter leather but it would be nice to have a place with options

I will have to check out the scraps bin, would be great to see various colors and test small portions. Where is it located?

Great, thank you @coloneldan! Where is the banker box and freebie shelf located?

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By the former Hatcher’s closet, by the dock.
Presumably the box will be placed thereon.

That is correct. I’ll actually take the leather from the box and place the leather on the shelf as I would like to keep the box. This will also perhaps give more people an opportunity to peruse the leather.


The scraps bin is in CA, in the area by the 2 leather cabinets.

I put some leather on the shelf this afternoon. See photos. I also used some in the bookbinding class tonight. Lots of fun and a great class.


FWIW, these are also a good size for making a minimalist wallet this this one, which I made a few months back from one of these sample sheets and is now my everyday wallet.

I would suggest that if your interested in the leather @coloneldan leaves, take one or a few pieces (not all of them) and allow others access to some as well.

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