Leather Pen Sleeves added to wiki

I added @Webdevel 's pen sleeve templates to the wiki. Thanks Jorge!

Here is a picture of a few I made.



Gulfstream Air donated a number of boxes of leather which can be used to make these pen cases. I think @Photomancer has custody of the leather. There are numerous colors, styles and sizes of leather. Nice looking pen sleeves @Webdevel.

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Photomancer will deliver these when CA moves to the commons room. Can deliver now, just tell me where.

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something something copyright infringement something somehing. :wink: jk, happy to help! I’ve been busy with personal projects, it’s Faire Season, so I haven’t added new templates, but in a few weeks I’ll be back to add more.

I have seen the stack, and waiting until we’re moved is a GREAT IDEA!