Leather Passport Wallet Class coming


I’ve had a request for a leather passport cover class in Leather-working. Sample project below. Reply if you’re interested. Class would be $10 a spot.

Two card slots, and a back pocket for cash.

Shown next to a Field Notes book for scale.



Oh Pointy Birds, Oh Pointy-pointy;
Anoint my Head, Anointy-nointy


This would interest me. Although I’d probably use it in a completely different way. (small notebook, maybe business cards)


Yes! But when!? I depart for France, India, and Germany on Nov. 24 so… :airplane:


If I’m in town, I’m in… need 3.


Definitely interested


Let’s see if we can get the leather sewing machine in before you do this class


Definitely interested.


I’m in, naturally :slight_smile:


I’m interested! It would have to be an evening or weekend to attend however.