Leather or Harry Potter Project Bag Class- Spots Open (6/9/19)

There are a couple of spots left in my Project Bag classes this weekend. Make a leather or Harry Potter fabric project bag on the sewing machine!



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And if this Sunday isn’t good for you, next Sunday has the same class line up with some open spots.



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Huh, I can’t join the leather bag class because I haven’t fulfilled the sewing prerequisite (even though I thought I had).

If you have in your transcript when you took the class you can reach out to @Team_Calendar I believe and they can get the Sewing AD permission added to your transcript. And FWIW, I can absolutely vouch for Cindy here, she knows how to use a sewing machine.

Yeah, I did a one-on-one demonstration with someone (I think it was @mreynolds) , I didn’t take a sewing 101 class.

@mreynolds, can you please vouch so we can get her added? Thanks!

Yup, and the irony here is that even though I’m tested and use the machines a fair bit, I’m also still waiting to be added to the AD (so I can do the monk bag class dangit!)


@Team_Calendar , can we got both of them added please?

Edit- It may also be @Team_Infrastructure


It’s fixed and I’m signed up :smiley: