Leather area reorganization

Hi all!

As part of the CA cleanup, I went through and clean/reorganized/fixed up the cabinets. With our increased space I was able to spread thing out so that everything is easier to find.

Here’s the new layout:

Top left: gum trag/conditioner/cement (we won’t be buying more cement until the 3 partials are used up)

Second left: skivers/stamps/mallets/cutting tools

Third left: dyes/paints/daubers

Bottom left: granite slabs/Poundo/cutting boards/project templates

Top right: stitching ponies/mauls

Second right: hardware (snaps, rivets, etc)

Third right: first community box/presses

Bottom right: second community box/skiver

The two community boxes are full of decent scrap from various leftovers and donations - they are available to use, but please throw a few bucks towards CA as a donation if you do.

Also a friendly reminder that consumables (hardware, dye, daubers, finishers) are not free. There is a QR code on the door, or you can look at the wiki for prices.

The bins on top of the cabinets have leather that is for CLASS USE ONLY. Do not use this unless you are teaching a class.

Thank you all!


Leather has a very heavy table in the warehouse that has a stone top. Where is this table going? It is on temporary rollers, move it into the CA area and start using it.

The committee voted to trash it in December and it was supposed to be marked to go in the big dumpster. If it’s (the table) still there, I’ll try and come to break it down to fit in the smaller dumpster. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to do so.

Rich, what shape is the table in? If it is a heavy duty table we will need something to sit the acrylic bender on in the plastics area. If its missing rollers we can rig something to make it mobile.


The table is made of rough wood and the stone top is 2 pieces of granite. If you look under the top side you can read the inscriptions of a WWII Veteran’s tombstone. The inscription even states the Veteran earned a Purple Heart. Just where did this table come from?

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It was Franken-assembled years ago and donated to the space. The headstone is a typo, and the maker bought it to insert into the table. So, no real headstones were harmed or anything to make this table. I promise.

Supposedly the table sat in the elements for a while before being donated - then it sat in off-site storage for a while before coming to the space when that closed.

(All of this is 2nd Hand Info - it all happened before I was SIG mom)


I’ll be by tomorrow after work to take a look at it.

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Table history can be found here:


This is the table Mike Churchill @HankCowdog picked up. More info in this thread:
Leather Working Table

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Jorge beat me to it and I didn’t even know!


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That’s about right.

By request, I’d picked it up (perhaps in Little Elm?) from the donator’s back yard and delivered it to offsite storage.

When we closed offsite storage I moved it to to the warehouse.

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As of Sunday evening the big dumpster is still here. Now is the time to move this table out of the building. The Expansion Team is trying to clean out the warehouse to make room for contractors.

Can you confirm that I’m allowed to try and get it in the dumpster? The last news posted on Talk was that the dumpster was full and to not add anything.

I’m not trying to be insolent here - I thought it was marked for disposal before Christmas, and now I’m trying my best to “be excellent” and not annoy anyone too much.

Thrre is room in the dumpster if you break the table apart. Be mindfull that the table is top heavy with that piece of stone on top. Take care.

Digital media might be interested – let @Kevin look at it tomorrow (Monday), and see if it suits their purpose.