Leather and the Janome machines


I was under the impression that the regular Janome sewing machines were a little too light-weight to handle upholstery leather. Yet, the leather apron class is planning on using the Janome machines.


They work well with that upholstery leather so long as you’re using a leather needle.


Do they need a plastic foot so they glide over the thin leather? I know my home machine prefers that …


I’ll defer to @lordrook since he’s actually used the DMS Janome’s with that leather. On mine I do use a walking foot and it does help quite a bit.


Diamond head needles (leather needles) can punch through upholstry leather very easily, I think upholstery is in the 3oz range? So the motors and gears on the home machines can sew through it, provided you aren’t building up any more than probably two layers. The top leather will not be fed through the machine, so like spandex and other stretchy fabrics, you have to help it.

A plastic foot is good for this, a walking foot even better (like a lot). Suede, being the shifty character it is, likes to move all over the place. Walking feet are necessary to sew it.


Ive not had any issues with the standard foot. I just use a strip of blue tape to hold the 2 pieces of leather together, then sew, then tear the tape off. It comes off pretty easily between the stich line.


The upholstery leather I bought a while back is probably 2oz - quite thin.


When CA gets space I can bring in a box of these that Dan gave me to hold for CA. If they want it now, will bring in. Approx 10 x 10 squares - aircraft interior samples. Very very and supple.


Hey, has anyone reading this tried to sing up for the apron class? I set it up for me to have to approve anyone who signs up, but I haven’t seen any approval requests. First time I’ve set one up that way.


We’ve tried but it’s denied us because it wants a sewing pre requisite on file.


That’s a good point, I don’t think anybody set those up for the instructors… email Stan.


I checked my badge – I’m not set up either…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


This needs to get fixed I put a sewing class on the declared last night
and sewing fabric is required


Just sent a message to Stan to see what we can do.


In the past I’ve not received notice of attempted sign-ups and always have had to go in manually to see if there are pending folks. Are you supposed to get an alert? That would be sweet!


I’ve been periodically checking and there’s no one pending. I didn’t get any notices either, thus the periodic checking.

If anyone reading who has been signed off on the sewing machines but still wasn’t able to sign up for the apron class, please let me know.


i, for one, am interested in getting signed off on the leather sewing machines.
whenever a class pops up within my work schedule would be great.

i have tons of experience on regular sewing machines and own one myself. so a run down of the differences would be all i’d really need.


You can request it. You set up the class so that it requires your approval, and you’ll have to approve everybody, so you get emails.


I’ve set it up before to require approval but have never received alerts that someone is pending. I ‘lol look into it next time!


I’d be more than happy to set up classes on the leather sewing machines, would like to talk to one of the instructors on the machines to make sure I’m covering the relevant material. Who normally instructs those classes?