Learning to forge knives

Hey guys!

I’m new here and I’ve always wanted to learn how to forge knives and other types of blades. I don’t know when the classes are and I also have a very weird schedule which affects my availability obviously. So I guess what I’m asking is when are classes or shops when people learn to makes knives or is it possibly to have some 1-1 teaching at times where I’m possibly available for it.

My number is 817.946.0513 so anyone can text me about it.


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You can look on our calendar for upcoming events. Specifically Blacksmithing:


Welcome to The Dallas Makerspace!

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Welcome to the party, Aaron. We’ve got a few folks around that are fairly dedicated knife makers- but as a beginner, I’ll give you the same advice I got a long time ago- you don’t have to know how to forge to make knives, but if you want to learn to how to forge knives, learn to forge other things first.

Induction forge classes are nearly every Tuesday night, the next open forge class will be on September 8, 10-2. The open forge was submitted this morning and should hit the calendar in a couple of days.

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