Learning about Tea

Hey everyone my name is Jacob and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in learning the basics about tea? I work at a tea factory and I’d like to share what I’ve learned at my job.


I would love a class about tea!

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This sounds awesome. I would be very interested!

Very cool!!

My friend Greg Glancy and his company Norbu Tea is a world wide importer of fine tea. For many years been hoping to get him to do a tea ceremony demo for DMS. I’ll touch base with him and see.


I would like a class!

I would be interested in learning more about tea, I don’t like coffee, but love espresso, I don’t like iced tea, but have had chai tea in Spain that was really good. I would like to learn more.

I’d be interested. Tea always just tastes like weak water to me.

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Cool! Since y’all are interested I’m happy to set up a class, as soon as I find out how haha

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Log in to the calendar, there should be a button to host an event.

There is a short time allowed to finish entering data in all the fields, maybe 5 minutes, if you exceed that time, when you hit submit it clears everything you typed without warning and you have to start over.

So I type the description and other paragraph fields in another doc so they are ready to paste into the event info.

Once you have hosted an event its easy to copy it and update the date field.

FYI, we updated it so you have over an hour now. :slight_smile:


But follow Randy’s advice anyway.

There are some resources here to help with getting the first class on the calendar
and linked there, but put here as well, a walkthrough

and the FAQ may add to the experiend of Instructors and attendees:


Thank y’all so much! I’ll be sure to put this on the calendar as soon as possible.

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I’m definitely interested. Let us know when it will hit the calendar. Can’t wait!

Very cool! Very interested!
There is a tea factory in Dallas or the Dallas area?

I’m not 100% sure but I believe so, I work in the rockwall area.

My wife and I are both interested.

There used to be a restaurant chain on the West Coast called The Good Earth. They served the most tasty hot spiced tea.

I have bought both their loose tea and tea bags but when I tried to make it, the result is fairly weak. Letting it steep too long makes it slightly stronger but bitter. Is there a secret to stronger tea other than letting it sit and evaporating some of the water?

My niece took this Japanese Tea Ceremony class when she was at Pepperdine. As with most ceremonies in Japan, they have a rich and structured history. I thought this might interest you.


I have a continuing curiousity about how Pepperdine students ever manage to get any work done…


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