Lathe to use in ring making


Maybe I should buy two blanks :wink:


Keep in mind we do not turn wood in the machine shop. If you want to turn the actual ring core we may not have tooling that can do titanium. The jet lathes are more appropriate for the wood part


I thought the rule was you could do it but if a single wood chip was found you were banned for a couple weeks.

For others context tree carcass is hydroscopic and acidic which makes the machinists itchy and angry.


you’re probably right. Leftover rhetoric from tour night.


Dang it Steve, I did not need more stuff on the list of things I want to buy

Edit: Well, they don’t even have my ring size in the titanium so that’s that


But they do have a wide variety in steel, and really the core isn’t strictly necessary. :slight_smile:


true true, I’m just allergic to a lot of metals so I like sticking with titanium when I can


You can use a UV clear coat dip over the metal and that should prevent any metal to skin contact. It would also help to adhere the outer band to the ring blank to prevent any breaking. Just make sure to get a ring size a quarter larger (I think) to account for the coating.