Lathe Cart Reorganization

Heads up: The lathe accessories in the lathe carts will be reorganized on Monday morning, Dec 2nd from 8 am to 2 pm. We will be cutting foam pads to hold each individual accessory so it is easier to find and so they don’t roll around in the drawers. During this time, the lathe carts and accessories will not be in their usual locations by the lathes. They will be at one of the worktables outside the workshop. Any member can use the accessories during this time, but they will not be in their usual spot. The large tool chest containing lathe tools will not be affected by this reorganization. Newly reorganized carts should be placed back in the woodshop by 2 pm on Monday and we will post pictures in Talk of the results of the reorganization.


Happy to help if you need it Mike.

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Paul and Dan are handling this effort. I am sure any help would be appreciated

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