Laser Up - Big Thunder is operational

The new Fusion Pro laser will be here soon! We need to rearrange the laser area to fit it. We’re going to do this Saturday night. I’m expecting to get started around 9pm and finish up early saturday morning. During this period the lasers will be down. There’s a long list of things we’d like to do, but it’s all going to depend on who comes out. The more people we get, the more we’ll get done and the sooner we’ll get the lasers back online.


I plan to attend the Laser committee meeting Saturday stay to help rearrange the laser area.


It would be my pleasure in assisting the laser department with this event. Not only will I be performing a good deed for the DMS, but his will be my opportunity to “Be Excellent.” I hope to meet some great people in the process. Thank you, i will see everyone Saturday. Peace All. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Sir to the family. Talk to ya soon…

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It is so nice to hear this refrain from our founding with a generous spirit.


You know I’ll always be here for you my brother.

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Sorry all, did not realize till my better half (my wife) pointed it out. Today is my grandsons birthday. I’ll make it up next time. Peace


My apologies to everybody, but we’ve reached a stopping point in the laser move tonight. There’s a few hours worth of work remaining and between the 4 of us we’re not going to be able to get it done. We will regroup tomorrow and continue.


For anyone that wants to help tomorrow, we need a tool to crimp the ends of ducting, home depot has this for about $40, which we can reimburse for. You can contact me and I’ll describe the general layout of the ducts so they can be hung and mounted to the wall.

Thank you for all your work!

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@richmeyer just bought one. If that doesn’t pan out I have one.

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That crimping tool is in the toolbox in the Expansion Office. There is also one of those crimping tools in the Machine Shop tool box as well.

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Awesome! We couldn’t find one in machine shop last night, but honestly I had been working on lasers for 14 hours at that point, it’s likely I just missed it.

I believe I saw it in the drawer next to a pliers. If someone can unlock the Expansion Office door, you can use that one as well.

They have made so much progress!


And more progress. All three thundered lasers in place. That layout is looking sweet.
Go team!

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Alright everyone, we’re calling it quits for tonight. Big thunder is working and available for use. The square kiosk became discharged in the move so it’s currently charging and someone will have to hit the lock button and turn it on in a few hours.

Blitzen will be up soon pending a control scheme to enable the blower (Blitzen and Thunder run at 208v and 120v respectively, complicating matters).

There is much to clean, organize, throw away, and store properly. More ducting will be installed for donner, another blower will be mounted for the fusion.

But for the moment, big thunder is working and blitzen will follow up by the end of the week. Many thanks to everyone who came and helped so far.