Laser Tube in Science

Speaking of things in science that don’t belong in science… Laser tube.

That is me, sorry for not checking with science first. I can get it out of the way tonight.

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Hi Ken, im not sure what you mean. Michael had definitely put one in there. Do we have another? I am just really confused now.

Edit: Russell had mentioned possibly fixing the tube i thought Michael had left, but i am unsure.

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Michael dropped one off in science for use to try to regas as several members wanted to try to refil a tube. I have not been to DMS since. If there is a tube sitting in the way I will come remove it until we get started.

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If it’s going to be used thats fine, i just didn’t realize that was the purpose.


Yeah, sorry for the confusion. I figured y’all could use it for the death ray but fixing/refilling it sounds like fun too. If y’all need to test it or if it starts collecting dust let me know.

And apologies for somehow taking this already off topic thread wildly off topic yet again.

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Badaboom, badabing. You’ve got your own topic, now. Because I love thread splitting…


@Russell_Crow thinks the laser tube is fixable, he’ll take a look at it this weekend. If some more folks are interested in helping get the tube repaired and refilled then I’m all for a mini project. The mirror cooler is damaged so that would also need to be repaired. Although @michaelb said he doesn’t need the tube back as laser already has a replacement.