Laser Training Class?

I am a new Makerspace Member and am interested in being trained on the laser printer. Is there a day/time that someone would be available to teach me?


Hello again Sam. Just a heads up, things are real weird with this whole Corona thing. This isn’t Makerspace as normal lol.

Normally, we’d have classes on the calendar at and you’d be able to register, and take a class with a bunch of people to get signed off on pretty much any piece of equipment in the DMS.

These days, we can’t have classes, so it’s find someone who’s an approved teacher of a class and then ask (beg, bribe, but don’t steal) them into teaching a 1:1 class. Most groups are good about responding.

In addition to the above, quite a few committee’s have a “cleaning day” where you can volunteer to show up and help, and sometimes someone will be around you can ask to train you, or bribe into training you at a future date. According to the events calendar, it looks like laser has such a day coming up.

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Yup! Our meeting and cleaning day is this Saturday and I’m willing to pull a metal shop and train anyone who shows up on what they want to learn.


We should all be willing to pull a Metal Shop on this blessed day!

Sam: What we’re joking about is the Metal shop has had a couple year long tradition of doing our best to train anyone willing to clean. The idea is catching on and we’re getting more help cleaning.


is the training calendar up to date?
i’m also new … and would love to get trained!