Laser installation at home?

For those of you who own your own lasers at home … how awful is it to try to vent it outside? Did you need an auxiliary blower or other stuff to do it?


it’s not difficult. In most cases we’re talking the use of a 4" vent hose. A worse problem is noise.
In one place, I ran the hose to the outside thru a board where the blower (really a dust collector) was housed in a rubbermaid doghouse which made it quite and safe from rain.
Since then dedicated blowers have popped up which are made for indoor use. They are not to loud.
A board with a 4" hole which you can insulate and close the window on (think like a window AC) works just fine. This has worked with both horizontal and vertical sliding windows. In one case I added a blast gate so I could close it off when the weather was cold. Nowadays, I just have a dryer vent on the outside which I can run the dryer hose to. cheers!


Like Nick, I used the laser to cut a piece of masonite clad insulation for a board to go into an external window. Unless I was doing rastering on sugar to make ornaments, smelled so good!


My first laser job was cutting a piece of clear plexiglass to make an insert for my window, to continue to let light in, while venting the exhaust.