Laser Elections saturday october 19th 2pm

Laser had a great meeting and maintenance day however we are still looking for a new chair if you have the time and love lasers and volunteers you are a great candidate meeting october 19th 2pm in interactive room.

Many faithful lasers users teases about nominations for the amazing @Scott_Blevins but think he is already busy serving on the board.

Andrew and I have had great joy leading laser and desiree for it to continue on its great track.


Has @pinewoodnut expressed any interest?

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The rumors are indeed true. I am currently ‘Board’ out of my mind.

Another time, perhaps!


I have previously and currently expressed that if I had time, I’d consider it. My problem is that I have rarely, if ever, had the time.

I haven’t even been at the space for over a month except to teach a class.


Totally understand thanks for all you do for laser when you do have time.


Today is the day a new leader will be elected please come promptly at 2pm it will not be a long meeting.


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Anyone running?

Who won? And more characters

I was picked as chair and Kris Wong is the vice chair.

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Congrats to both of you!