Laser Cutter Certification?

Hey everybody,

Is there training required to be certified to use the laser cutter? If so, will there be a class soon that I can sign up for?

There is. Keep an eye on the calendar for classes, which are sporadic given the 'rona. You might have better luck paying/bribing someone to do a one-on-one (I’m not an instructor).

Paging @Team_Laser

I just posted a training for the Epilog laser, it will be live on the calendar Thursday around noon. It does require Thunder Laser as a pre-req.


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I just sorted by the category “Laser”, and there’s not currently any classes open for laser.

There’s a “hold” on submitted classes, that they’ve got to sit in limbo for 3 days/72 hours before they’re open. That’s what Nathan means by “live on the calendar”.

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Why is that?

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Originally, you had to get “approval” from 3 board members for your class. When I first started, there were 3 (out of 5) board member who took this seriously, and quickly approved/denied classes. The next board didn’t see it as an imperative, and it got a bit “special”… So now the system is that you submit the class, and the group of honorarium auditors has 3 days to deny the class (most are worthy, but not all). If the 3 days passes without a denial, it goes to the calendar.


So just to make sure, if I needed Laser Cutter certification, I would have to wait for the Thunder Laser cert class? I’m in need of using the Laser Cutter in the next 2 weeks, so if anyone can hold one it’d be great!

Maybe, maybe not. There have been numerous instances of trainers doing one off classes and adding more classes when people have asked. One way to get the laser teams attention is to tag them. @Team_Laser They have been excellent at responding to requests from people.