Laser basics class request

I’m new to the group and I’d like to take a laser basics class! Is there anyone that can teach me?


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There is currently a list of laser classes here and you can sign up there as long as you are a member:

The only one open right now is Dec 12 at 5PM.

I believe there is a certification course required first. I haven’t taken anything on the laser and I am a member. Thanks for your help!

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You can jump straight into Laser 101/Thunder Basics, that’s the first laser course. Once you have that you can take the Fusion class if you want to use it.

If you’re a new member you should request a green dot!

LOL I have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t see one on the schedule.

Am I not in the right area? I’d like to take the class on 12/12 but I need the Thunder certification class first. I don’t see one on the schedule so that’s why I did a post. I guess I should have specified I need to be certified on the laser!

You’re in the right area. My fault I thought I had checked the prerequisites but I missed it. I haven’t looked at the calendar for classes since COVID started, little out of practice here.

Unfortunately with COVID concerns a lot of people are not teaching right now and social distanced classes tend to be smaller, so there maybe a little wait before the laser class you want becomes available. Just keeping checking the calendar to see when a class becomes available. Also check talk because teachers will sometimes give advanced notice here before the classes get posted to the calendar.

I took the basics last night in the wood shop and talked to my instructor about it. That’s why I jumped on to see if there was anyone willing to give me the pre-req!