Laser Basic Class

Hello everyone, I wasn’t able to make it to the Laser Basics class the other day, and didn’t see any classes on the horizon. Would anyone be willing to facilitate a class so that I could get signed off or maybe a personal 1 on 1 for sign-off? My schedule is open anytime, and I’m pretty excited to get started. Thanks!

I’m also eager to take a few laser cutter classes and get certified, etc. When I finally have time to attend, they fill up very quickly :frowning:

Be patient and check calendar daily. It takes a couple days from the time the person posts to the time it actually shows up on the calendar so a lot of times there are only a couple days between it coming up and it actually happening. My secret tip is also to just show up even if the class is full on the calendar. I have taken and taught classes and almost never do the “full” classes have everyone show up. The system is broken right now so cancelations don’t open a new slot, and some people just flat out don’t show up.


I’m going to just start showing up for classes. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in to this next laser class.

I’m teaching a class this Sunday at 2. It’s already full, but if someone doesn’t show you can take their place.
I also scheduled another class on 4/18 at 4pm. It should show up on the calendar in 3 days, so if you watch really carefully on the calendar you might get a spot on that one.

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