Laser Assistant need, pay positioin


Hi all,

I spoke with a few committee members today that said it would be ok to ask for help and offer payments. If I am violating any rules please let me know so I can comply.

I have a project that requires a ton of Laser cut parts.

My project is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

The parts can only be cut on the Donner. I am looking to find several people to help with this project. I have worked this out so that when you cut my parts I will pay about 15.00 per hour.

In other news, I also have a need for welders, machinists along with an Arduino programmer to program a few stepper motors. In addition there’s an ultra sonic anemometer that I want to further research and build. Anyone up to the challenge? (I hope)

These are all paid positions and I would like to build a team to help me with this project. I need to move rather fast because the sooner I have one finished unit the sooner I get my second round of funding.

Please feel free to contact me any time just to chat about it.

I guess it is ok to leave my number here since I already get a ton of span calls :slight_smile:

214 564 1843

David Stanton


Am an aerospace grad and member just doin stuff, would love to help out with lasercutting stuff. At the space or mind getting a call this afternoon?


Yes, Please give me a call anytime. I am always around.

Just to make sure you have my number 214.564.1843 For some reason my post keeps getting bumped.

Look forward to it



Out of curiosity, why can it only be cut on Donner?


Am reminding all that we have a 3-hr limit on the laser workstations per member.

This is first time that we’re aware of a single member’s large job being performed by multiple others.
The rule doesn’t explicitly cover that situation.
I caution you to not let your employees piggy back on each other on the queue and tie up Donner in excess of the rule.

Also, the laser fee is due at time of use. Your employees will need to make payment if you are not there.


He’s using a jig that he created to ensure his parts are accurately cut. He gets better consistency if he limits his usage to one machine so he’s not dealing with a lot of different variables.


Do you need wind direction or just the speed?

One approach for detecting wind speed is by measuring cooling of a component by air movement. It is simpler and smaller.

A sonic anemometer pairs ultrasonic transducers in opposite directions along an axis. The difference in travel time reveals the wind speed along that axis. Two axes and some trigonometry yields wind speed and direction.


HI, The part is 39 inches long and many cut outs. The material is 1/4 Baltic Birch. The right side of Thunder will not cut all the way. I have to run it at 7 mm sec when cutting. Then sometimes it takes two passes.

The Donner can run at 20 mm and cut it the first pass. I have to lay the parts in at an angle but it works just fine. So in this case time is money and Donner cuts faster and so much cleaner.



HI, I did not think about that part. Of course I am not trying to bend the rules in any way. But since Christmas is over it seems that there is more Laser time available. But in any case I will make sure that I am aware of others who need the laser too.



I will go one step farther and state that proxies for a user are in fact the same as the user doing the job themselves. Therefore, the current rule regarding a maximum 3 hour slot on any one machine (Donner included) is 3 consecutive hours, provided a Laser wait queue is present. After 3 hours, the user’s paid proxies would have to go to the end of the queue and wait for their next shot at Donner to open up again for another 3 hour cycle…rinse, repeat…etc.


I think that is fair and I will make sure that is exactly what will be done weather me or someone who is working with me.

Thanks for the clarification


The best way to get more time on a laser is to work during off-peak times, typically 10pm-10am, when a queue is less likely to form. No queue = you can keep working until someone shows up.


Yes I discovered that . It seems that a good time begins around 11:00 pm to about 4 am. Yep been there done that . But please keep in mind that I am not trying to get more laser time. I am trying to delegate so I can work on other parts of this project. I will not be using the Laser if I can get someone to do it for me.

Let me assure you that I will be conscious of others who have their projects too that are just as important to them



RE: Arduino code – What kind of steppers? (i.e. NEMA 17, etc.?) Also, do you just want some code
to imbed in an existing sketch to move the steppers and are you using a motor shield
to drive them??