Laser approved user list

Hey there @Team_Laser, I just tried registering for the long throw lens class coming up Friday and it said I’m not on approved list. I’ve taken the old Laser Basics (back in late January 2016), the 101 class when we got Novas, and even rotary since then. @talkers should know I’ve been through these. @tomthm taught the 101 class I took but don’t remember when that was.

Tagging @Team_Infrastructure because I think they will have to update your credentials

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You can just come to the class. We’ll figure it out.

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I can confirm Michael is a qualified user.


I’m running into the exact same problem. It sounds like others are too; there was at least one other thread on talk about the same thing. I’ve taken the laser basics and would like to be able to take this class as well if possible. The calendar says that I’m not on the list.

I tried removing the requirement from the calendar, but it won’t let me that I can see. Just show up to the class.

This can be your official request to join. :grinning:

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The calendar has now let me sign up. Either the requirement has been successfully removed, or I have been added to the list. I’m not sure which it is, but it worked either way.

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Looks like you were added, still won’t let me.