Large Veneer Press Needed

I am currently in the midst of restoring an antique piece of furniture at the “Space”, and would be unable to do so without this facility!!! Many thanks to Madam President’s help this past weekend!!

Anyhow, looks like I may need to build a large scale veneer/book press for this project. Approx 2ft X 4 ft.

Would the Wood Shop Committee be willing to shell out the funds needed to purchase the materials for this tool, which of course will belong to the “Space”?

There are several different design possibilities that are quite simple and straight forward. This tool can definitely be made at the “Space”. It is just a matter of material cost.

It sounds like an interesting tool. Where would it physically sit?

It would not be a permanent set-up. Too large for that. When needed, it would be set-up on one of the general woodworking tables in the area next to the wood/auto shop. We may be able to store it under one of those tables.

Whoever uses it would need to set it up and use it on the for no more than a 24hr cure.

This would indeed make a great tool, considering as how many veneer projects I have seen in work.

I think Tom Cook has some sort of jerry-rigged veneer press over in his lair/area.

There is a small veneer press that is stored on the high shelf in the Wood Shop tool storage area. Shares the same shelf with the Rockler Panel Clamps. This one is much, much too small for my project. Are you speaking of a different tool?

The one I am talking about is not a store bought item or necessarily recognizable as a press, but was made by Tom from items around the space to allow larger veneers to be made for a custom project. If you know who he is, I’d saunter over and ask, or just look around that area. I seem to remember last seeing it back by jewelry area. I don’t really have any other information or suggestion than that, though.

Thanks for the info regarding Tom Cook! I would really appreciate your help in contacting him. Is there a link where I can look him up and e-mail or p.m. him?

You might consider looking at the heat activated glue with veneers as well. Can be applied with an iron and cloth. I’ve used these, and they work very well. No press needed.

In fact, do a search on veneering with PVA glues (Titebond etc). Turns out Titebond can be used as a heat activated glue as well.

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Hi Tapper

This project is a restoration of a vintage radio console cabinet circa 1937.

I am having to build a new side for this cabinet from scratch due to severe damage.

I am using the exact same materials and construction as the original…including the use of hide glue (Tight Bond). This includes a poplar carcass, two layers of structural Maple veneer on both faces and a third layer of decorative Walnut veneer on the exterior face.

The use of structural (Maple) veneers on both faces is for “balancing” to prevent cupping/warping of the carcass… Also for sound resonance. Also provides excellent surface for decorative Walnut veneer.

Use of a press (or vacuum bagging system) is a must on this project.

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He’s not on Talk. Best to just walk by next time you are in the building.

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We talked about this a few times when I was still there and seems like the use would not be high enough. If you choose to buy one I bought mine from the link below probably 15 years ago and it is still in good shape. They work great but there is a learning curve so practice before you go for the gold. Before I could afford to shell out the money for the bag and accessories I built my own flat presses out of cheap wood and all thread. If its flat you could easily do that.

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A vacuum pump and appropriate bagging would be a huge step towards making composites at DMS. I would love to have access to these tools so I could work on some carbon fiber parts.


Today while cleaning out fired arts there were 2 vacuum pumps. They are currently sitting in Creative Arts but I’m sure they could be repurposed. They also might not be adequate, I don’t know.

I also talked to Tom about this some more today. He suggested that we should get a table that rolls under one of the large gray tables or is at least stored there. Have a large gum rubber sheet instead of the bag as it pulls better, but really whoever builds it gets to make the decisions.

i agree that the addition of some sort of vacuum bag system would be handy for DMS members doing carbon fibers or similar projects. i have a client that wants a fiberglass handle and i know that i would like to have a vacuum bag set up

here is another supplier I use if you start researching.

You can fab your own bag press as well.
There is a good vacuum pump in CA

I have a home made 48"x100" bag press I made from local materials.


I was looking at the table presses and thought the same thing. I have a bag but getting things in and out of a table press with a lid would be so much easier.

But woodworkers have patience…

We have vacuum pumps. CA and Automotive.

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A vacuum press definitely has its advantages. For example: if someone needed to lay-up a compound surface, be it fiberglass, carbon-fiber, wood veneer or other media, then the vacuum form/tool can be machined on the HAAS.

A vacuum press would be a great addition to the space!

In the mean time, I have this 16 X 40 flat panel I need to veneer, and am in need of either a vacuum bagging system or veneer/book press. In a worse case scenario, I can make my own press from scratch, but would dislike doing so for a 1-time project.

I am definitely willing to build a press for the “Space”, but the “Space” would need to cough up the $ for materials.

TLAR, could you please lend me a hand, maybe, with your home made vacuum press until the Woodshop Committee makes a decision?

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