Large Metal Casting

Does anyone have the capability to do large (6"x6"x6") metal castings?
Preferably in aluminum

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how much weight or volume??

A 6x6x6 pour the trick will be controlling the cooling to avoid dimpling and laps inside if strength is important (guessing you want this for end pieces of the pole to machine down.) Commercially they do these pours in furnaces/ovens where they control the cool down.

If you can make a slightly oversized pattern out of wood to do the sand casting you’ll probably have better luck, then just do the clean-up machining.

~ a cup.

8 oz? Of liquid

This is a hollow sphere??

Yes, yes & it has a 1/4" wall

Have you considered doing a cold cast rather than aluminum?

No I haven’t and am interested but from quick google searches I found that it doesn’t take high polish well. I’m looking for a mirror finish

Not worth the man hours imo