Large format printer computer will have a login/tracking

FYI tonight we are going to install a printer tracking software along with a standard DMS login to use the computer in the CA room. This is our first couple of steps to get the printing under control here at the space and get the output (printing) balancing the input (users paying for materials).

So know - if you are using the large format printers your login/time/and usage is stored. If you choose not to pay for the materials you use you are also choosing to accept the consequences of that decision. (yes, I went all teacher on you)

When all this balances out the rainforest will instantly heal and everyone will loose 10lbs overnight (if you want it).


To find your username and password, please follow these steps:

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Only if we are using 100% recycled paper with a positive carbon footprint.

Thanks for working on this though a question: I have a balance from the pay-it-forward approach I posted about some time ago. How will this new policy effect this? I don’t want to be attacked for appearing to not pay when it’s in fact the reverse.

edit: To be clearer I offer a use case: Small print jobs of a dollar or two, if I don’t already have a forward balance I’d either paypal a larger amount or drop in similar in cash (e.g. $20) and refresh my forward balance which I keep track of in Evernote. I’ve not minded the space ‘owing’ me some resources that I know I’ll eventually use but I’m unsure if that’s going to work under this new policy and what the alternatives are.


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Well that’s a good question. This software is on a trial run with us to see how it works out. While I don’t have the time (nor the desire) to keep a separate set of books for the printers to track pay it forward I think the general gauge of this is to make sure we don’t have huge errors of media taking by people who don’t put any money in the till. I believe this is the issue with this printer.
this software should track output and we can track the collective input. Hopefully it’s on point - I think it will be. If it’s way off we will look at even tighter payment situations to solve this. But as long as you are honorable and self governing I think we will work out just fine. You might want to shoot me a quick note of you are concerned with how much you believe you have in credit and we can look at the end of the month.


Thanks! I like the try it, hope it’s an improvement, reevaluate and iterate approach here.

I hope it helps. If not…we’ll be patient.

Sorry, one more tech question here; are their basic instructions posted to obtain a report of what you’ve printed and/or all of what has been printed? I.e. the computer is now tracking that, how do we see it? Thanks!

That’s a good question. I’ll need to see if there’s a way to make that


Im not sure how this tracking actully works. The other day I logged on and usedthe scanner, but not the printer. There is also software on the computer tht may be used, but nothing printed. Does the software recognise this situation?

The software only tracks the printing.

Thanks. IMHO Public tracking would be a net positive. Secret tracking not so much.

@Hardsuit … what is the name of the tracking software that you want to use?


Sweet mary, a 4 year old necro rise from the dead!


Haha I thought this was a new thread about the new software.

“All of this has happened before and will all happen again.” :slight_smile: