Large Blue pressure pot a mess - idea to make it better

It looks like someone had some soil (or something like that) in the large blue pot and had some runoff that hardened on the bottom. I tried to chip away the mess on the bottom but only got some of it up. That led to a different thought, the convex bottom makes it hard to get level items. What if we put 1/8 inch of resin in the bottom, it self levels and would not only take care of the curve, it would take care of the rock hard soil mess.

Good idea, or nonsense?

weve got a plate that we put at the bottom to keep things level


is this the one that’s missing the intake nozzle?

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Yes, and that is strange, I don’t believe that wasn’t an issue prior, is that correct?

yeah, but I admit I didn’t check the HF pot out this weekend. Last time I used it was a month or more ago.

I used it Friday, nothing seemed wacky. I am going to be at the space Wednesday, will check it out then.

I wouldn’t do anything to alter the inner capacity by pouring a permanent bottom. Lasering another wooden disk (like the one I originally lasered to level out the bottom of the pot) works because you can just throw it away when it becomes ‘gooed up’, and replace it with another.

I just checked out the big blue pressure pot, all is good. No valves missing.

Ok different pot. I’m referring to the HF 2.5 gallon one on the bottom shelf next to the resin cabinet. the issue has been reported too.

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