Lapidary equipment training

Hi I’d like to use the lapidary equipment but need training and didn’t find any on the calendar.

Eventually I would like training on all of it, but mainly right now I need to be able to polish already cut pieces.

Can I meet with anyone for training? Best availability is mornings 8-10am but I can arrange for evenings and weekends, too.

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I’m also very much interested in this as well but won’t be back in town until around the 1st

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You might try this, since you’re only looking at the polishing side. I’m planning on running a class on the saw sometime in the semi-near future.


Let me know when you you set up the class on the saw.
I’m interested in all of it.



I am interested in the saw too. I was trained at DGMS but that was several years ago. Look forward to a class on DMS equipment.

Hi y’all, I use the saws and cab machine frequently. I most often come in on weekday afternoons, I could train folks if they can meet me there.


Thanks for the offer. :blush: However, I work during the day, and need evening/weekend options.

Weekday afternoons would work work me after the first.
Would just need to put together a time and day to meet

@mrjimmy @paintbiscuit @dryad2b
Hi everyone - Still looking for help with the saw before I feel comfortable to use it on my own. I am currently unemployed so I can come during the day most weekdays. Can we set up time in the next couple of weeks?

How are you for Thursday around 7-ish?

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This Thursday Jan. 26 around 7pm works for me! Thanks Beth, see you then!

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