Lampworking tools and glass

I’m a total noob here at Makerspace so please tell me if I’m out of line or posting this in an inappropriate location. I have some lampworking stuff that I can’t use anymore and I’m looking to sell. I have a red max torch, a selection of tools, some books, and a boat load of glass rods. Would anyone be interested in deeply discounted glass gear? I wanted to donate to the makerspace but I need money for moving expenses. Good news, I’m moving closer to the 'space!!


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You might also post in the Maker Trade area. That will let others know this is for sale.

Please post photos and what is the COE of the glass rods?

Not sure of COE on glass. It’s all effetre, I am pretty sure. Lots more glass than pictured above, but it’s same brand. If there’s interest, I’ll be happy to come to the space so people can look.

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One thing you need to watch out for, as you scan through the posts, is the date. I see it on the right top of each post in the thread. The last date in this thread was Feb of last year.