Lacking training classes for new people

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You joined at a tough time. Most makers a feverishly working to finish stuff for Xmas before Xmas.

If I were you I’d post asking for training and offer some sort of incentive for trainers to train you. Another approach I’ve seen with more success is get involved. Show up to the next laser meeting and laser area clean-up day. Meet the group, offer to help, and ask for training. Rarely does anyone deny training to a member helping out…remember this is NOT a business providing a service…Everyone is a volunteer.


If you’re still looking for this, I’m willing to do 1-on-1 laser classes for both 101 and 102 on request. I’m also hoping to get a class set up on the topic… soon? Watch the calendar if you prefer that option.

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When are you looking to do the 101 and 102? I am willing to meet anytime.

There’s a pair of classes that are gonna be on the calendar for the 9th soon. If those don’t work/fill up, hit me up for a 1-on-1, or if you want to get in before that. Just go ahead and send me a DM if you’d prefer that option.