LabRecon - LabView for the average Joe

Jack Ganssle, notable embedded guru/expert, publishes a biweekly email newsletter, The Embedded Muse Logo The Embedded Muse

Issue 374 reviews an interesting product, LabRecon. LabRecon is both a chip ($20) and an eval board ($80), which in today’s market of low cost, high performance, chips such as the ESP8266/ESP32, seems a bit pricey. What may justify the value, however, is the software that allows one to design a system graphically (ala LavView) and download it to the LabRecon hardware and run it. See Jack’s full review almost halfway down here. Here’s a pic from the review.

Does E-Lab need some of these?

Probably won’t take long for NI to sue.

And for less money you can get the student version of LabVIEW and a Raspberry Pi.

ELab currently has a NI Virtual Bench and some kind of limited edition of LabView. (see tool wiki)
As @tmc4242 points out there is student version available.
As I recall, It and the driver package is a multi Gig dwnld.

NI has LabView for the Arduino.

That’s the student version I mention. Also now referred to as the “maker version” I believe.
It has most of the base package LabVIEW functions. The main thing it does is add a watermark on the front panels. You are prohibited from using that version for commercial products.

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