Label your items on the Works-In-Progress Shelves (Ceramics 4.17.21)

If there is a note on your piece, you are missing a label. If you don’t get the label and date on it before 30 days, it will be tossed. This is our policy and members should strive to keep their items progressing into firings (every few weeks) etc. We maintain the shelves in preparation for more active members and to ensure there is plenty of room for all (including students of classes).

Where is this information at? See screenshot below or view it on the Ceramics Wiki.

If you have questions, reach out to me or post below. If you let us know which items are yours, we can add tape with your name and date.
By the way- We absolutely hate tossing stuff. We know someone spend time, energy and love on a piece.


Hi there,

Today I made a small vase with two opaque white plastic bags over it. It’s sitting on a blue circular bat which I placed in the bottom right corner of the left-most shelf if you’re facing the sink across the room.

I forgot to label it, but I will be back to trim it in a couple days.