KT Session? Help



I’m hoping to pick someone’s brain. I have been working as an analyst for a while and was just put on a new project that is highly technical. I’ve taken a little bit of online training but I would like to speak to someone with Prgramming knowledge. Can anyone here help?

$ or food can be provided.


To paraphrase Mr. Spock: It might help my analysis if I knew what KT was, beyond the topic reference.


Given context; I’d quote quora:

KT stands for knowledge transfer in IT world, Usually new joinees and Fresher employees to the team will be undergoing Induction training followed by KT sessions.

  • KT sessions will be taken by the senior employee of the team or some dedicated person.

  • KT sessions will last for one to two weeks depends on the project you will be working .

  • KT sessions includes process of the company, the technology you will be working and process followed by client.

  • Once you completed your KT sessions successfully, you will be deployed into the production.


First thing first;

A knowledge transfer session could be done but going to have to ask that one drops the corporate speak, even myself has to do this, we’re makers, hackers, and keyboard cowboys. Typical stuff in ITIL and corporate shops doesn’t grok usually around here. Also, as we usually say in the USENET/IRC world; rule #2) don’t ask to ask.

Now if we understood what subject, tech, etc… one is seeking knowledge on then one might be able to get a better answer. In either case feel free to PM myself and I’ll see if either I could help or get you in touch with someone that could.