Knit Alongs and Other Ideas!

Good Morning Ya’ll!

Due to the interest in more knitting classes I am currently setting up a syllabus on what I plan to teach and how I plan to teach it (supplies, patterns, etc.) So bear with me! I plan to run them by the fiber arts coordinator before picking dates.

However, one thing I thought we could do sooner is a monthly knit along!

So I would like to gauge interest as well as get feedback on what kind of items people would be interested in knitting. Size should be taken into consideration due to the time you think you will have.

I am a big fan of knitting for a cause so I think that a few of the KAs could be knitting to donate to charitable causes. Personally I know of “Hats not Hate” ( ) that collects hats towards raising awareness for bullying. You don’t have to use Lion Brand either.

Anyway, this post is getting long and I have class. Lemme know if you know of any other orgs like this as well as your thoughts on a knit along! And please, message me anytime about anything knittery related :slight_smile:



@rcktdr here’s the thing dudette

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There was a charity knit/crochet maybe 2-3 years back that had good participation. I’d say just schedule it a few weeks out so it has time for folks to see it

HIGHLY recommend promoting in our two places in fb (creative arts page and fiberholics page) where a good majority of our fiber folks hang, spread the word. If you don’t do fb, lemme know what you want to say and I’ll do it for you

RE running past me
To be clear, you definitely don’t have to and there’s no requirement. But on the flip side, we’ve had very good success in fiberarts coordinating things so there is a nice flow to things, and can help promote each other’s upcoming events and classes.

I’m the person (Fibers SIG coordinator) that kind of watches the schedule for the flow/holes, helps/nudges getting things scheduled, shamelessly promotes/reminds, and can help with any logistic/supply needs

Oh, just FYI, I’m in my crazy busy time of year (have a jewelry shop at the renfair) so I’m slower responding sometimes, and not as physically present until mid June. Will send pm with my cell, good for texting/quicker if questions


I would love to do a knit along!


I do crochet and could contribute to a cause, I would also like to learn to knit.