Knit-a-long a Dissected Frog...or "It's Alive! Not."


Pattern Shop:

The Fiberholic Fiberfrolic gang led by @kyrithia and @classielassie are cheerleaders extraordinaire!
They’ve been encouraging me to attempt the Knitted Dissected Frog (knitted frog body, felted organs, dissection tray).
Even better…they insist that the Fiber Arts SIG has much better felting colors than the DIY Kit…meaning I can buy the pattern for $4+materials vs $40+S/H for the kit (does not include dissection tray, which is $10-15 more).

There’s a catch. I have no idea how to felt. But the Fiberfrolic-ers have my back!

So if anyone wants to tackle the Frog together, buy your pattern or kit, come to the Tuesday 7pm Fiberholic Fiberfrolics and let’s make something for Halloween.

EDIT: I also don’t know how to knit in the round on double pointed needles! I am going to learn this even if it kills me.

Bought the $4 pattern, instant download.
Won’t publish it here because wrong an artist…you get bad maker karma tenfold.
But am screenshotting the materials so you know what you are getting into.
The $40 kit is worth it if a maker does not have scrap wool roving - that ■■■■ adds up. Thank goodness the Fiber Arts SIG has a stock. I’m assuming there’s some fee to use, but can’t be as much as a kit. This is why we belong to a makerspace, to pool our resources.


The felting part is sooooooo easy! The knitting part is what would give me the panic attack.

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Do it! I need to fetch pics but I had a kiddo do a fetal pig dissected in crochet. A cheap alternative to a tray is a dollar tree pan with dyed plaster

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Being a crocheter, I hated knitting until discovering Continental (or German) style knitting, which uses similar movements to crochet and is faster.

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Took @MrsMoose’s needle felting class last night.
One step closer to Froggie.
I need to name him.


Ko Nami seems like the right thing…

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Yasss. You can do some spinning for the intestines. I almost want to start one too, but between gingerbread and octopus light I’ll never finish lol

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