Knife Making 2020202020

Now that we have most of the important tools needed for making custom knives, I was just curious:

  • Is anyone an experienced knifemaker, that would be interested in teaching?

  • Is anyone interested in getting organized? Perhaps as a Blacksmithing SIG?


@EthanWestern has so far made like 4 knifes using our tools, roping him into this conversation :slight_smile:


interested in a class for sure…

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If @TLAR friend Dave Mcdearmont is willing to continue. He wanted us to have a knife grinder before he came back IIRC.

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Interested as well. I watch all the Forged in Fire so I’m basically an master right?


He has asked occasionally if the Space ever bought one…

Dave’s knives and his style of craftsmanship aren’t for everyone - is a retired mechanical engineer and meticulous as hell in the details. The link below is for a few of his knives from decades ago.

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Those are some beautiful knives, I’d love to learn to make something similar.

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You’re not far from my store…and Dave McDearmont is about 10 minutes west of me - if you want to take a look at his knife making set up in his workshop - let know and I’ll get you two together - if that will help you get his kind of knife making a reality in the Space

I have never actually made my own blade but I’ve made several pretty nice knives by fabricating and attaching wood handles to blades I purchased. Here are some examples.

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I attended the first presentation by @TLARs friend. I would most definitely love to attend one of his classes.

I would definitely also be interested in this if possible, in order to improve our set up for knife making

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I’m not quite to the level where I feel I can teach it but working on getting there, certainly would be willing to help anyone wanting to make a knife


Will we have a tempering furnace?

I made a couple of basic camp knives at home last year via stock removal. I would definately be interested in some further training and colaboration. Looking forward to my first forge class in a couple of weeks!


@EthanWestern can you keep a list of everyone that wants a knife class. The Training Development SIG will help “anyone” that wants to develop a class.


Are we talking high carbon steel or stainless or what? 1095 / O1 is its’s own sub-specialty, right?

I indent in making mine out of 154CM. That was Dave’s recommendation. I will give it a shot at least a few times.

I was looking that way too, but have moved to CPM-154, due to the easier grinding, and generally better stats for knives. I’m considering plasma cutting the blanks, but am currently looking to see what considerations there are when using a PM to cut the blank. Has a bit of vanadium in it, so might not be suitable for a PM cut (think CM-154 is same). Both 154’s are simpler to heat treat than the other tool steels.

Plasma cutting the knife blanks, has a lot of benefits, but does add steps and problems of its own.

And, um, chromium. Guess PM is non-starter. Hello cut-off wheel!

Bandsaw will do it. It’s not in a hardened state.

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