Kluge Letterpress progress

Kluge is on the floor, power cord and plug are attached. I cleaned and polished the armature contacts. It looks like we will need 2 brushes after all, and one brush spring as well. I’ve attached photos of the motor plate and good brushes for reference.



Hi Russel,

I was down the maker space last night and I saw the press on the floor. Thanks for doing that. I will try to discuss this with our chair. He will be on here soon posting the meeting notes, so I will let him know about these needs.


The Chair approved a set of motor brushes, I found and bought them. The brushes are now in my project box “Scintillator” in the Science Lab (I did not want to leave them in Print Making because spare parts for that press have been previously stolen).

I connected the power cord, and installed the right cord cap (plug).

There is no supplier for the broken brush spring, it will have to be made by us.

The LetterPress is waiting only on a brush spring, now.


Thanks for the update. We missed you at the meeting this week. I’m going to try to be around more often in 2020. The plan is to start the letterpress classes soon. Do you know anyone who can run the Kluge? I can start to reach out to my letterpress friends and see if anyone is interested in coming down once it’s running.

Thanks Russell. I sent you an expense report so you can get your money back. Let me know if you did not get it. We did miss you at the meeting. I am working on making some blocks for Lisa for her endeavor.